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המתן בבקשה...
Bnei David’s G-d fearing young alumni, infused with the love of Torah, the Land of Israel and the Jewish People, today serve in their numbers in front-line units and IDF special-forces. Many go on to become career officers who devote many years of their lives to exemplary military service...


A lecture by an Alumnus of Bnei David about Nanotechnology Last Sunday (17th of Sivan) there was a captivating lecture, given by Prof. Avi Shroeder, at our Ma'ale Efraim branch of Bnei David. Prof. Shroeder is a graduate of our 7th annual class and is a professor of chemical engineering at the Technion more
Meeting of the Coordinators of Contact between Bnei David and our Students in the IDF Last Monday (the 18th of Sivan) saw a meeting of all the coordinators in charge of keeping in contact with our students – both from the mechina and from the yeshiva – currently serving in the IDF more

The alumni continue the way of Bnei David, and draw strength from it, to contribute in a meanigful way, day by day, in the manifest spheres of the building of Israel.