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המתן בבקשה...
Bnei David’s G-d fearing young alumni, infused with the love of Torah, the Land of Israel and the Jewish People, today serve in their numbers in front-line units and IDF special-forces. Many go on to become career officers who devote many years of their lives to exemplary military service...


New From our Ma'ale Efraim Branch We're starting to feel the end of the summer semester, the end of the year at Bnei David. His brings us to a series of events closing and summing up the year.
Shabbat parshat Balak 18 families of our students came for Shabbat in Ma'ale Efraim, braving the hot weather, particularly hot in Ma'ale Efraim which is basically in the desert area of the Jordan Valley. more
Our Ma'ale Ephraim Branch Goes South for a Weekend to Learn about the Negev Our Ma'ale Ephraim branch of the Bnei David Mechina went south to the Negev last Friday for a learning trip and for a special Shabbat in Yerocham. This is how they tell of their experiences. more

The alumni continue the way of Bnei David, and draw strength from it, to contribute in a meanigful way, day by day, in the manifest spheres of the building of Israel.