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המתן בבקשה...
Bnei David’s G-d fearing young alumni, infused with the love of Torah, the Land of Israel and the Jewish People, today serve in their numbers in front-line units and IDF special-forces. Many go on to become career officers who devote many years of their lives to exemplary military service...


students of our Ma'ale Efraim branch help at Neve Tzuf
On Tuesday, the students of our Ma'ale Efraim branch went out to help those hurt by the big fire that burned and damaged many homes in the village Neve Tzuf.
Shabbat class [chsvan 5777]
Every year there is a Shabbat when each class goes off to some place together with their rabbi. That was last Shabbat, and here is the story of one class.
News from our Jordan Valley branch in Maale Efraim [chsvan 5777]
We went on a long weekend (Parshat Vayarah) and especially Shabbat' sleeping outdoors in the Gush Etzion area. During the weekend we became more united, staff and students. We learned about the area and its history, meeting fascinating, inspiring people.
30-hour swing visit to our graduates presently in the army [chsvan 5777]
our visit at the soldiers from the 101st Paratroop Battalion who are currently in the Schechem (Nablus) area, joining them for their morning calisthenics
Congratulations - we've started building!
The concrete was poured out this morning (Wednesday) for the foundation of the new campus. Now the base is being water-proofed and the pipes are being laid for the plumbing.
Another in a series of enriching educational trips for the students of the Chai Roi
Who is Rabbi Eli Sadan?
RABBI ELI SADAN’S army preparatory academy has given religious youth the tools to serve in the IDF and maintain their religious observance.

The alumni continue the way of Bnei David, and draw strength from it, to contribute in a meanigful way, day by day, in the manifest spheres of the building of Israel.